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Master Halco Wood Picket Fence
Practical functions of Picket Wood Fence: Picket fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, establishes entryways, is the easiest to construct, and is the most American of all fencing designs.

The versatility of wood picket fencing allows you many architectural styles which are influenced by the surroundings. It can be rustic or traditional, with decorative tops, patterns, curves and arches adding to the fence design.
Master Halco Spaced Picket Wood Fence Spaced Picket Wood Fence
The spaced picket fence is a historical design used for front and side yards. The faces of this colonial-style fence may be smooth, rounded, or display the naturally rough, rounded sides of the log.

Master Halco Spaced Board Wood Fence Spaced Board Wood Fence
Spaced Board fencing is primarily used in front or side yards where visibility is important. Spaced board fences mark boundaries, while their low, open design allows visibility through and over the fence.